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"Knowledge, Culture & Consciousness are exactly the opposite of violence, intolerance & racism"


"The World Community of I.C. & T.D." is born out of the interest of spreading the genuine culture, the traditional disciplines of each Country and to defend them from contamination and prejudices.
The Founder and the Board Members are all voluntairs

The attempt is that of preserving a culture and tradition that is arriving us already transformed due to an incorrect vision and an attitude that is expanding itself slowly, changing the values of the classic traditions. Although everything is in a process of evolution and inevitable change, the World Community considers that the essence should not be manipulated and the basic values should not be lost.

The main goals of The World Community have favoured the adhesion free of many seekers, who were waiting since long time for the concretion of this ideals, and slowly slowly has welcomed more than 1.500 representatives (presidents of associations, schools, centers, federations, etc.) enthusiasts with the idea of collaborating to the growth of a collective consciousness on the basis of this need of purity and authenticity of the Spiritual, Cultural & ArtisticTraditional Disciplines..... and, the least, to protect the invisible minorities and fight against the abuses perpetrated on them.

More than 120 world countries have shown the intention to work for safeguarding of their great traditions in harmony with the goals stated in the charter, as an active part of The World Community.

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