Happiness is coming when
that you think,
that you say
and that you do
are all in harmony

Mahatma Gandhi
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Helping hands are better than Praying Lips


As a non-profitable organization, we feel the necessity of supporting and helping the minorities that are left behind in a society like ours surrounded with superficial values.
The World Community of I.C.& T.D. commits itself to provide help at its utmost in every needy situation which could arrive, whether related to physical injustice, natural calamities, pshysical or mental disabilities, or any situation related to the ideologies, protection of racial minorities, or against any kind of abuse, physical or ideological, safeguarding the human rights and the peace, and being active through voluntary people.
The World Community of I.C.& T.D. is helping Organizations  qualified to receive donations & funds from Government and from private Institutions.

For the fund raising, the following activities are organized:

    * Festivals
    * Congresses
    * Simposiums
    * Informative Travels
    * Sales of donated objects or objects that come from the labour of the minorities
    * Direct donations from particulars or institutions

The World Community of I.C.& T.D. chooses from time to time some  benefit organizations  in the activities aimed at getting funds for benefit.


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