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(Jammu & Kashmir)

The delegation of The World Community Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines, represented by its President Emy Blesio (Gayatri Devi) and the representative of Spain Mayte Criado (Madalasa), went to Kashmir, after receiving the invitation from the Deputy of Jammu & Kashmir, India, Mr. Sameer Bhat , to meet the Governor, the Mayor of Srinagar and the governmental authority.

This trip was the answer to the request from those authorities of taking the culture and art of Kashmir to the next India Festival to be held in Italy, but at the end, those motivations were enlarged, extended and transformed with a goal still more wide, that of making known to the West the reality of a population with enormous benevolence and deep culture, from which we receive only the same stereotyped news that harm them strongly.

In this occasion, we granted them with the award "Orange Omkara" of The World Community Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines that is confered to those who excel in the field of culture and/or expansion of the traditional disciplines which are the pillars of the human thought.

The World Community Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines is born with the aim to protect and expand the genuine culture, the traditional indian and Southeast Asian disciplines and defend them from the contamination and prejudices.

1. Emy Blesio bestows the Governor of J&K Mr. S.K.Sinha of the award 2006 "Orange Omkara"
2. Mayte Criado, Emy Blesio and Mr. Sameer Bhat bestowing the Director of the Information J&K Mr. Farooq Ahmed Ranzo
3. A Kasmiri dancer
4. Emy Blesio and Mayte Criado interviewed by the J&K TV
5. On the left: Sameer Bhat, Mayte Criado, an officer, The Mayor of Srinagar the Capital of the J&K Advocate Mr. Gh.Mustaffa Bhat bestowed of the "Orange omkara", Emy Blesio, the director of The Press Agency of the Mayor and an officer.
6. A street of Srinagar the summer capital of J&K
7. Emy Blesio, Mayte Criado and Sameer Bhat bestow the Director of Handcraft and Export Sale Corporation J&K Mr. G.H.Shah
8. A handcraftsman making a pashmina shawl
9. Emy Blesio and Mayte Criado invited in the Ranzo family house
© 2006 The World Community of I.C.&T.D