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1.Santarém Portugal. Emy Blesio & Mr. Kaarthikeyan.
2. On the left: A representant of Bikram Association of USA, Indian Yoga Federation, India, The President of World Movement Yoga & Ayurveda AmadioBianchi, the President of The WorldCommunity of IC&TD Emy Blesio
3. The lecturers, Teachers, Gurus, Experts, Scientists, Musicians, Performers etc of the Congress received from the Mayor of the city
4. The mistic musician Sri Krishna Das in concert
5. Demonstration of the Yoga Bikram
6. Yogacharini Mayte Criado President of EYF in concert
7. Samkhya association of Portugal in a workshop
8. Alexandra translating a lecture of Bikram Yoga school
9. TinoJi the organizer of the congress
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